About the mattress hacker

I am not in the mattress business. I am an engineer. I do software and I do analysis. For a while, I felt increasingly uncomfortable in my own bed. I knew that buying a high end mattress will not improve my sleeping conditions. I knew that because I did some traveling and none of the hotels I stayed at, often high end ones, did anything to relieve my increasing sleep discomfort.

I had to analyze and improvise. Nothing I am describing on this web site exists in the marketplace. There are some attempts out there, but they seem like a serious overkill for a fairly manageable problem or they are patented and guarded by patent trolls.

Please check US and International patents before you decide to commercialize anything presented on this site. I’ve created this site is to introduce several ideas as a prior art so it becomes a public domain knowledge and no trolls can get at it.

I have no intention of making money with this site. If this site helped you in any way I have accomplished my goal.

You can contact me to thank or to flame.