Welcome to the mattress hacks!

You have come here because you are not very comfortable in your bed and are looking for ideas. The discomfort has started a while ago and it’s getting worse. Often you are getting up sore, or in pain, and sometimes you have trouble getting up. You are suspecting¬† that your mattress may be the culprit. You’ve been watching some commercials on TV about the new mattresses and how great they are and you are thinking of getting a replacement mattress.

Let me break a bad news for you. Your mattress is mostly metal and foam padding. It’s not worn, it’s not broken, and it’s not changing.

You are!

In recent years your body has changed and recently these changes have reached a critical mass for you to notice. Now you are on a mission to do something about it.


Hold out on your urges to buy a new mattress. Just for a while, until we do some analysis of the discomfort you are experiencing. Then the decision can be educated.