This site is different. I am not selling you mattresses. Or beds. This is an anti-mattress web site. I am here to educate you about your sleep comfort and about the buying choices you make so that you do not get victimized by the brands popping up daily on the internet and in your local stores.

I am going to give you advice, expertise and the complete analysis of what I have gone to make my sleep comfortable. I did a lot of additional research for the purposes of educating others. A lot of research was a waste of time and money, I felt victimized by the industry. Some of my rants about it are here.

The information presented on this site is unusual. People don’t usually tinker with their beds. They read some reviews or listen to a salesman and buy a replacement bed. I am here to attempt to put a small dent this mentality. Some of the materials presented are not intended to be used in bedding. This makes the usage of these materials a hack. Please exercise discretion.

I will present ideas on how to listen to your body needs and adjust your sleeping surfaces to account for those needs. No special skills or big budgets are needed. Just order a few things online and make a DIY project for yourself. Your budget should not exceed a $100 or so, including the mattress. You will be more comfortable than if had bought a $3,000 bed.

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