Before proceeding with any mods to your mattress you first need to get a few things in order

  • Think analytically about the discomfort you are experiencing. Where does it hurt – which parts of the body? when – how much time elapses before it gets uncomfortable?
  •  You should feel comfortable about destroying the very surface you lay on. Your hack may not succeed and you will end up with something that will need to be trashed.
  • The process of improving your bedding surface is iterative. You should try one combination of materials and layouts and take notes in the morning. Then try a slightly different combination. Rinse and repeat.

The hacks or mods you are going to be reading about are destructive. Use with discretion.

Surface area adjustments

These adjustments involve experimenting with the layout and the material you place on top of your mattress. This is a first step in your search for comfort. The end goal is a sleeping surface tailored to your body needs. If you already comfortable, but hot, proceed to air flow hacks directly. More info is here.

Air flow adjustments

These adjustments involve cutting holes in your mattress and adding vents to regulate heat and moisture exchange.