Temperature comfort

One of the top complains from people about their sleeping surface is the temperature. It’s the discomfort of “sleeping hot”. While each mattress manufacturer claims their product addresses this problem in most cases it is not true. The problem of being hot when you sleep has to do with the perception of heat, which is often caused by a moisture buildup from the sweat. That sweat needs to escape somewhere in a form of a vapor. This doesn’t happen in modern mattress designs. This is partly because of the fire safety materials uses in mattress construction. These materials are not designed to allow air or water vapor to permeate, at least not fully. This is not an evil conspiracy of some sort, but a lack of understanding and caring, IMO. In other words, nobody really cares about this problem except the consumer.

The solution I am presenting here solves this problem easily and elegantly. The time and money investment to implement this solution and accomplish a sweat free bedding is very low. Almost any mattress be retrofitted with this simple contraption. The mattress type that is best suited for this mod is the original Bonnell. Incidentally, this is the least expensive and least filled mattress type. It literally has only metal inside, none of that junk that you will see in modern “proprietary design” models. A very well reviewed unit sold on Amazon goes for well under $100 for a twin model.┬áBut before you buy this mattress type as a replacement, let’s try to mod your existing mattress.

The mattress type that you are probably sleeping on is the model with individually wrapped coils. This is the de facto standard these days. I am guessing this is because this is the type of mattress that does not transfer energy laterally. Meaning if you jump on it the energy is absorbed by the immediate coils and does not propogate forward. It’s not bouncy. This is definitely not the case with the Bonnell coil mattresses, which is very bouncy. The problem with these individually wrapped coils is that they are wrapped in plastic. No air circulation of any kind, hot air is trapped in between the plastic wraps.

No matter what type of mattress you have, it’s about to be hacked. By you.

This is a shortlist of what you will need to get some air flowing to keep your body cool when you sleep.

  • Courage. It’s the hard to mod what you are sleeping on. Especially when you have chances of ruining it.
  • Standard PVC sink tailpipe, 1.5 inch width, well under $10. A piece of garden hose should work just as well. No links.
  • Heavy duty scissors or garden sheers to puncture the mattress.
  • Heavy duty needles for upholstery. They come in a kit for under $5. No links.
  • Nail and pliers to hot punch holding holes in sink tailpipe.
  • Brushless 12v 50mm radial fan. You can order one from AliExpress for $2. Or on Amazon for $5. No links.
  • Permanent mounting tape to attach the fan to the tailpipe.
  • 5v power supply with a long USB cable. This is a standard USB power supply.
  • Optional remote control for the power outlet to turn on/off the power supply. About $10. No links.

The contraption is vertical hole in the mattress filled with a PVC tailpipe anchored on one end and with a radial fan on the other end.

This is how to make it yourself.